Mannequin Blood is an experimental guitar project with releases on the netlabel's Dramacore and Sickmode. Inspired by many forms of music such as krautrock, shoegaze, dream pop, ambient, post rock, noise rock, various experimental, modular sounds, nature etc..


Mannequin Blood was formed in 2008 to pay homage to analog instruments in general and explore the very substance of electricity through means of sound. Using a guitar as the main passage of travel. The surreal forests of sound encountered range from abrasive noise to beautiful sustains and fuzzy melody drifting about.




brightest underwater
Brightest Underwater - - 2008
  1. sorrow of a thousand birds
  2. naming stars
  3. highway to nowhere
  4. tripping over moonlight
  5. advance decay
  6. mammatus crawl
  7. pulse catacomb
  8. trail of paw prints
  9. remains the same
  10. reflection blind - Download Link
Catalog Number - [DC056]
Total Playtime - 29:44
Released on Dramacore - 2008




soliloquies of the tempered heart
Soliloquies Of The Tempered Heart - - 2008
  1. nomadic crux
  2. as wolves howl
  3. hideaway glade
  4. pitch black meadow
  5. nausea storm
  6. press of willow shade
  7. herald of illusions - Download Link
Catalog Number - [mode043]
Total Playtime - 24:37
Released on Sickmode - 2008




concussion dreamer
Soliloquies Of The Tempered Heart - - 2008
  1. signals and binding
  2. plains beneath plateau's
  3. scorned and weeping child
  4. railway owl
  5. hymn of the hermits folley
  6. bellows of root
  7. sugar kiss
  8. junkyard hangout
  9. amongst the cracks and mortar - Download Link
Catalog Number - [tube174]
Total Playtime - 20:32
Released on Test Tube - 2009





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