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release #100

Akwalek - Captcha Singalongs
= 01- Junkyard Dance (mArtnr302) - 4:25
= 02- Where Time Stops (mArtnr273) - 4:26
= 03- Into the Eleventh Dimension (mArtnr271) - 4:31
= 04- Midsummer Lightwork (mArtnr171) - 4:22
= 05- Noittim Smart (mArtnr173) - 5:09
encoded at 320 kbit.mp3
album length 39:29 mins long

Artwork by visual artist Han Leese (www.hanleese.tk)

Note from the artist :

"Mostly inspired by the melancholy breakcore of Kamikaze Deadboy the lofi
happy tender breaks in Glixxpistols "Dramalove" and the absolutely wacko
Dramacore.com website i was driven to produce a small album with complete
akw-art crazyness. Not caring about bpm, genre or build up i decided to
create a little story filled with liquid splatterings of fast paced emotions.

In the form of naïve screaming synths, deep crawling machinery that produce
sounds like if they are slowly busy decomposing and penetrating beats-bizarre
you are invited to singalong this sweet n sour piece of mu-sick designed
especially for the mind of the twisted but highly creative Dramacore label.
When you are able to hear beyond you will find that far into the chaotic
bio-digital jungle lies a fairytale, one that tells the story of a waiting
heart, screaming for a more healthy life with daylight, sports & vegetables."

For more visit: www.akwalek.tk


download link - www.dramacore.com/dramacore100.zip