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release #49

Ryuno - love hurts.
= 01- love hurts - 2.12
= 02- genericore party - 0.53
= 03- love hurts [lonely dance mix] - 2.46
= 04- love hurts [8-bit mix] - 1.49
encoded at 128 kbit.mp3
album length 9.45 mins long

download link - www.dramacore.com/dramacore049.zip




Artist infos:

So, I composed/mixed this single in three days. Fine, i took me like, 45 minutes of work. I just danced/screamed/slept the rest of the time. I was just making this song, "love hurts.",
and then I was like "OMG I LOVED IT", and Irie was like "OMG I LOVED IT" and everyone was like "F*CK, IT THAT REALLY MIDI?". If you listen to the tracks carefully, you'll notice its just your generic metalcore stuff. I composed metalcore, but the way I played it made the whole
difference. Think about that. You can do different/unusual songs even if you're just a kid that likes MIDI. I hope to listen new tracks influenced by this "thinking way". So, get your guitar/flute/cello/synth/PC and go get'em, tiger!

With love,

Post Scriptum: Please, show this tracks to your friends if you like em. I'm not getting
any money, but i do sleep better when I think "geeeesh, there are people that like my songs".