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release #071

Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance - Corea
= 01- Intro -1.38
= 02- Resistance 1 -2.34
= 03- Resistance 2 -2.56
= 04- Resistance 3 -2.39
= 05- Resistance 4 -3.54
encoded at'/ 320kbps.mp3 .'//
album length'/ 13.41 mins long ////.


download link - www.dramacore.com/dramacore071.zip




More info from the artists:

Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance are a hardcore/speedcore/breakcore producing duo situated in Pyongyang/North-Korea.

The first person in the duo used to live in the western world where he came in touch with
the hardcore scene. However, some years ago he decided to move to NK where his family is.
The second person has lived his whole life in NK and was influenced by the material his
friend (the 1st person) had secretly smuggled with him. They decided to start producing
their own hardcore with the message of unification of Koreas, saying a fuck you
to South-Korean pop music, bringing down corrupted leaders (Kim Jong Il, Bush)
and encourage peace over violence.. with violent music!

The PHR have contacts with North-Korean refugees who help in smuggling PHR music and message
to the outside world.  Due to the nature of the country's politics the PHR and associates such as the cover artist wish to remain anonymous.