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release #072

toxic chicken - biscuits with jesus
= 01- biscuits with jesus - 4.10
= 02- why dont you dance? - 4.01
= 03- dance like clowns - 4.13
= 04- the depression song - 3.30
= 05- the junkie song - 7.35
= 06- the drugs - 3.44
= 07- king henry sucks arse - 1.05
= 08- people hater - 4.44
= 09- dear tax collector - 5.06
= 10- where are you now? - 2.05
encoded at 128-192kbit.mp3
album length 40.13 mins long

download link - www.dramacore.com/dramacore072.zip




More info from the artists:

this is a full length album containing toxic chicken attempt of making electronic flop songs.
most of them are created while staying in this squad place in haarlem (Netherlands) where
no neighbors where around and the chicken and a cat could make as much noise as they wanted.
but instead of making a noise album, this album is quit easy and ear-proof for even the most
fucked up listener used to the normal commercial crap from the modern media.
the big difference is that it's flop music and so completely free.
it's all about the experiment and the fact that this music comes straight from the heart where no money,
no capitalism or any other bullshit implanted by the media could come in.

behind all the blabla, all the suits, the jobs, and all the other crap is a hidden truth:
everyone (no matter what color, race, belief, income they have) is just the same and needs the same.
we are all walking bags made of flesh containing blood, bones and hopefully a soul.
we all want to be free, have enough food and possible a roof above our head. some clothes could be helpful
but who cares about that?

if people are offended by the song biscuits with jesus they have to listen carefully to the text
(if you could manage). i'm not saying that there's no god or jesus or annything like that.
i say he's out there using shit loads of drugs and even condoms!
if the world was a right place every single living being should be their own god, buddah, jesus,
maria or hell even the devil. it's in fact about this italian guy who could be my older brother.
a traveler who drinks and uses other stimulation like only a crazy mother fucker would do.
he was my guide and took me to another place deep inside another reality where i learned so much
about the wonderful world of your own imagination. i learned so much from it and i really believe
that 'illegal' drugs are a good and healthy item to learn from and that its good to explore a different
universe for educational purposes for everyone. if people use them wisely to gain information, to help them
come out of a huge depression or to just see and explore different worlds beside the toxicated one we already know,
i trully don't see the point why governments has to declare them forbidden. I'm not talking about mushrooms but
even them are a very good teacher for the ones who are lost. nature is the key! but anarchy is the way.
and fuck that just as hard! I would like to say: fuck the government, fuck the rules and live like you want to live.
there's no law accept the one you create from your own self. and yes, fuck me too with my stupid bull!
think for yourself dude and dudette! wraaaah!

all made on a fucked up laptop, crap microphone, kazoo and a lot of sampled items i found along the way.
trust me, i'm crazy, i admit i cant sing, i cant play, and cant even write proper english, but who cares?
you understand what i'm saying? and if not? so be it, just enjoy the music, the sun, the rain,
the crazy train we are all sitting in! enjoy! and fuck up the control freaks!

dare to be chicken, very pock!
toxic chicken

our art collective with anti political bull and animations stuff::

contact for a chat, a sip of booze, or anything else:
giftige_kip@yahoo.co.uk times thanks for all the good free internet labels out there who releases the best shit I've ever heard!
i dont want to pay for good music and i dont want to pay for bad music! i just want to play music!
wraah! the van of the Looney house just arrived. got to go! see yah!
big up for dramacore!!!! whoooooooooooooo!!!!!